All About Bailey Jay

Bailey Jay on Shemale Yum!

Originally Bailey Jay appeared under the name ‘Harley Quinn‘ on Shemale Yum but before that she was a phenomenon in her own right with photos of her being spread all over the Internet, and people guessing and speculating about whether she was a Tgirl or not! Before appearing on Shemale Yum as Harley Quinn, Bailey Jay was the infamous Linetrap from the ‘4chan’ image sites.

Even when it was announced that (then) Harley Quinn would appear in a Shemale Yum set, people were still uncertain whether she really was Transgendered or not, and rumors began that her appearance was part of an elaborate joke or even just a publicity stunt! As if one of the largest and best Shemale sites on the planet would ever deceive it’s Members like that! Unbelievably, Shemale Yum even received multiple threats if they didn’t show full proof of Harley Quinn’s Transgendered status. I can’t think of another T-girl who has created the same amount of furor in her debut shoot!

Bailey Jay on Shemale Yum! Bailey Jay on Shemale Yum!

Since her first appearance on Shemale Yum, Bailey Jay has consistently been rated as one of the top three models on the site of all time! Bailey Jay was a Shemale Yum exclusive up until a few months ago when she was photographed for Shemale Club and Shemale Pornstar. Since her ever growing popularity, Bailey Jay has made the decision to further her career in the Adult Transgendered Entertainment Industry, and I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this budding Transsexual Performer!

We’ve heard rumors that there may be a TV pilot in the works with HBO, featuring Bailey Jay, and we know for a fact that she has numurous other projects ‘in the works’. I think Bailey Jay is one of the coolest girls ever, which is why I started the Bailey Jay Fan Blog. For all things Bailey Jay, whether porn related or not, you’ll see it here first, so check us out every week and please subscribe to our Blog for updates!

Bailey Jay on Shemale Yum!

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  1. aah

    how can i enjoi with the hot: bailey jay?

  2. aah

    2-how can i enjoi with the hot: bailey jay?

  3. aah

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeease how can i subscribe with the HOT BAILEY JAY????????

    i am wating…..

  4. andre

    I love Bailey Jay, I want your ass baby

  5. aah

    no body answer me


  6. aah

    i want to see video pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

    for Bailey Jay

  7. Rauol Duke


    I need to photograph you… You are inspiration, and all that is magical in this crazy realm we spin in… I can send you a link to my portfolio if you are interested.


  8. Tony McKay-Harris

    Hi…er dont really know what to say, besides i think i’m in love.
    fck it

  9. Chuck E Cheese

    Her Blog that shes been running get about 6,000 hits a day! check it out! lol she is so adorable and totally shares all her sevcrets with her fans and even talks to us directly! It really is the best way to keeo uo with where to find her and talk to her online

  10. Andrew

    You sexy, good looking. Love to love you!!!!

  11. hollie

    oh my god like your so fukin gorgeous!! like the most stunning transgender i’ve ever seen!! like wooow =p i think you should mail me!! much love xx <3

  12. Johnny...again

    “…Sexy tranny, so convincing
    Bailey, you turn on my thing!
    Don’t be jealous. Don’t pretend…
    Dude looks better than your girlfriend!”

    -from the song, “Oh-Man. It’s Bailey!”

  13. Scott

    I could see myself loving & being completely devoted to you for the rest of my life. If you ever want to get married and settle down, let me know!

  14. Rich

    Bailey, you are everything I have ever wanted, ever!

  15. Niko from Finland

    I just want suck that dick so much

  16. seto

    i love u bailey jay, forever

  17. Jeska

    I love you BaileyJ <3

  18. calypso

    Does anyone know how old she actually is? Really a “teen” or just marketing? Seems unlikely.

  19. tommy

    i want to suck your penis

  20. vanrejn

    See this Lost and just found twin of Baileyjay. If they get together there will be lots of fun!

  21. Hurricane Zilla

    I love you Bailey Jay.
    I want give you all you desire!


  22. damian perri

    hola mi vida te digo q me caso mas aya q no entiendas lo q escribo para vos pero bu jaja nos vemos besos

  23. damian perri

    por cierto sos de argentina

  24. 3121

    just wana see u cum 4 me

  25. Kicius

    wow,I wonder how are u as a person,ur really do look nice 🙂 If Bailey u are reading this,I dunno,I would like to chat with u 🙂 cause I have many questions,I want to learn more about transgenders 🙂

  26. Hellen

    how can i fuck you ?can you leave contact ways of you?

  27. lush

    ilov u

  28. indian dj

    most beautiful tranny i ever seen

  29. john dj

    i want ur dick

  30. john dj of kerallllaaaa

    plz baliey how u became tranny

  31. the_toyboy

    OH MY GOD,

    you make me drool for you mmmmm.
    You’re so gorgeous, my dream doll.
    I seriously wish to get to know you personally.
    I could honestly fall in love so easy with you Bailey 🙂

    the_toyboy as seen on cam4 and

  32. jesus

    hey i think you the most gorgeous girl i love to get to know you bailey

  33. jesus

    hey bailey jay i love to get to know you hope you write back i left you my email where you can find me


    my name is john.i am a centuarion,i am a dom/vers,half man/halfhorse,if you seen my pics i can put my horse hose down deep in your holes(will test gag reflex)i got skills you would love,if i am turning you on ,then you are turning me on,if you lay there & don”t squrim in 10 sec of you turning me loose upon your sexy body then get out,cold bitchs 2 the side!hot bitchs cum on threw if you looking to have fun,i need sex bad,i am staying hard & i keep tripping over my 3rd leg,please send me a fine,hot,little angel or demon 2 ride a cut ,thick,8inches,rock hard pole,or i flip you & make you squirm&moan as you cum&cum,504-939-4540,call me, RIGHT NOW I AM JAMING 2 MOLLY HACHET ON UTUBE,8IN CUT COCK ROCK HARD,AND WILL BE FOR AWHILE,GOT 420 2 SHARE,CUM OVER!

  35. Mysterious

    Bailey Jay you are so beatiful, so sexy! so hot! i want u!!!

  36. moein

    i love u

  37. Dee Crew

    You are perfect in every way Bailey, I love you.

  38. ANTO' - Italian do it better

    You know, I’ve never been so impressed …. but I’m hetero ( I think ) ….. you are so beautiful that I have taken the trouble to write on this board …. congratulations, wonderful as a few ….
    Why give yourself away to the collective imagination (?).
    You could aspire to something else.
    You’re so beautiful ….

    Antonio (24, Genoa-Italyyy)
    sorry for my English.



  40. Dr. Preta

    We are obsessed with you.

  41. jmans_101

    Damn this girl is sexy!!!!! I almost blew my load on the intro page!!!

  42. toni

    can you tell me something? did you born as a girl and then changed your vagina for a penis or you born as a boy and then turned in a shemale?

  43. Safe13

    She is Amazingly Hot!! ! And when she had a twitter account it was a blast to follow her as Shes was crazy I wanna have her Baby lol.

  44. Matthew

    I saw your pics for the first time yesterday and I’ve jacked off nonstop eversince. Please take the spell off. Im imagining licking the bottom of your shoes while you get fucked and yes I suck out the pie he left. yummy

  45. jamie chaos

    do u ever write back to fans?

  46. Te

    You know, this blog makes me indescribably happy. I’ve always enjoyed art and erotica featuring transgendered models and performers, but Bailey Jay really takes the cake. I just want to thank the webhost for spreading so much joy — and Bailey herself for being one of the highlights of my day. <3

  47. Matt

    screw fucking her ass I want her to fuck mine

  48. Em

    I want her baby.

  49. farhad

    i am from iran
    i love you

  50. Buck

    BJ I want to make you mine for a weekend. Take you to a hotel, pick out your outfit, take you out and watch all the men stare at you, then bring you back and lick and suck every inch of you, blow your cock and fuck your perfect ass. Thank you baby. B

  51. HAR

    Bailey I Love You call me…

  52. paul

    Im Paul in Houston … u have any TS friends that would be with me ? ill send pics and video of me
    never done this before 🙂

  53. KevinG

    Never thought I was gay, but I wanna do her, suck her cock and beg to be done in return.

  54. al

    Hi…You’re cute, please write me…You get these all the time but just drop a line k???

  55. Mr Me...

    I can’t believe how beautiful she is. Yum doesn’t even come close to describing this goddess.

  56. KARLA


  57. curious

    I have a question, I don’t understand how bailey can continue to identify as transgender woman when essentially, despite hormones and breast augmentation she retains her penis? how is that not cross-dressing with, essentially, a flair? I mean at this point she obviously has the money for the surgery, I understand there’s a lot of risks involved but I’ve seen nothing with her saying she’d like to finish the transition. I’m honestly just curious and as she’s the most popular I figured I may get an answer if I post it here, I’m not trying to send out any hate or anything, I just don’t understand why someone would only go halfway through the transition and still identify as trans. It’s like ordering your food but deciding to stare at it and not unwrap it, instead of eating it and letting it transition to it’s intended role.. My curiosity extends past just Bailey in regards to trans who don’t fully transition, just thought I may get an answer this way..

  58. admin

    Don’t be an idiot. This is so ignorant as to be not even worthy of a real reply.

  59. ToddF

    @ Curious

    I think just like us, she should enjoy what she is and do just what she loves. I could not imagine her being anything else. Why screw with perfection? She is perfect. Oh my is she perfect.

  60. Kimi

    Very Very nice Baileys I love you pa pa

  61. Kimi

    Bailey Very Very nice I love you pa pa…

  62. Robert the Wallace

    Aloha BAILEY! Only just today discovered you. . .I must say that you truly are a GODDESS beyond compare; thought BIANCA FREIRE was the hottest Tranny, but you have re-evaluated my opinion–however as C. EASTWOOD has said ” Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one ”. Speaking of assholes, yours is so Beautiful! LOVE ya BAILEY, may you have continued success!

  63. Jenn Marinelle

    I only came across Bailey a few weeks ago…and fell in love instantly. There is just one more fantasy left I need to fulfill, and Bailey Jay you are most definitely this fantasy. If there is any way this could possible get to her…I would apprecitate the connection. You are amazing Bailey..!!!

  64. Rich

    Bailey…I live in Richmond VA…would love to hear from you

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