Feb 07

Bailey Jay To Shoot For Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures?

Joey Silvera's Rogue Adventures!

If you’ve been following Bailey Jay’s Twitter feed, you’ll no doubt have caught that she is in talks to shoot some video for porn production company Evil Angel. I think the name ‘Joey Silvera’ was dropped along the way and that’s pretty big news if things turn out. Evil Angel as a whole is pretty well known for putting out some high quality mainstream porn series, and Joey Silvera is famous for his Shemale porn series, ‘Rogue Adventures‘ which boasts performances by Shemale Superstars like TS Jesse and Yasmin Lee!

Evil Angel has a couple of Shemale related sites now so I’m not 100% sure which one Bailey Jay will be shooting content for or even if it’s just going to be a direct to DVD release. You can be sure though that to catch the eye of the folks at Evil Angel, Bailey Jay has got to be doing something right with her career choices. Congratulations to Bailey Jay and we hope that good things will come from this exciting shoot!


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