May 13

Bailey Jay Humiliation Video On YouTube!

So, I was surfing through YouTube the other day and came across this Bailey Jay video entitled simply, ‘Bailey Jay Humiliation Video’. I was cracking up throughout the whole video but I’m sure the guy for whom it was intended loved it. It’s fascinating to see such a beautiful face say such mean spirited things… even it it’s all in good fun. Poor guy… sounds like he had it coming though.

Anyway, just thought some of you Bailey Jay Fans out there would get a kick out of this video clip as well… Remind me never to get on Bailey Jay’s bad side…

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  1. Li

    I have to say that you’re very kissable. That naughty ‘mean’ girl attitude… Damn, so delicious. ^_^

  2. Roger

    Fuck you Youtube.

  3. Tyler

    I am only 1 inch and would love it if she would make fun of my size.

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