Sep 02

Bailey Jay Looking Fine In A Lace Print Dress!

Shemale Superstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Superstar Bailey Jay!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to check out The Official Site of Bailey Jay yet, or maybe are just ‘on the fence’ about it, let me say this. Of all the Shemale Superstars on the SMC label, I have been most pleased by the regular updates that Bailey Jay has been putting out for her Members. They’re like clock-work and the awesome thing is that each and every new set that comes out is a beautiful gallery in and of itself.

When TS Bailey Jay set out to launch her own site, I knew that she’d do right by her Fans and now, months down the road, I’m really glad to see that she’s followed through. Although I may seem a bit biased, I think Bailey Jay has one of the best solo site around… which is only fitting for one of today’s top Shemale Superstars, right?

Shemale Superstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Superstar Bailey Jay!


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  1. Madpicluvr

    “Got straight guys lusting after you
    Got bi guys trying to get with you
    Got hot girls that hate and envy you
    Truth is, most girls want you too

    We want you Bailey Jay!
    We don’t care now, what they say.
    If it makes us bi or gay
    We’ll jump your bones any day!

    Feels even better than she looks…Oh-man! It’s Bailey Jay!”

    -from Bailey Jay song (in remix now)

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