Jun 22

Some Smoky Goodness With The Sexy Bailey Jay!

Bailey Jay - Smoking Pictures! Bailey Jay - Smoking Pictures!

Have you ever been driving down the street in your car and you look over to the lane next to you and see a totally hot girl driving along beside you? And then, as you roll up to a red light, she rolls down her window and a plume of smoke comes billowing out of the car as she flicks a cigarette on the street… and you think to yourself, WTF?? Well, I’m sure that TS Bailey Jay is far too well mannered to ever do such a thing and although I find smoking somewhat distasteful (I had a relative die of lung cancer due to smoking), I do have this strange fascination with smoking pictures…weird.

Anyway, all that to say, these are some hot pictures of TS Bailey Jay in this new set on The Official Bailey Jay Site and I’ll bet there are more than a couple of Fans out there who would love to smoke on Bailey Jay’s hot Shemale cock!

Bailey Jay - Smoking Pictures! Bailey Jay - Smoking Pictures!


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  1. zkarlette ariela

    hola bailey soy zkarlette ariela soy travestis de la ciudad de mexico, me encantas, soy tu gran fan y espero algun dia llegar a ser como tu, las fotos estan geniales. thanks and see you bye.

  2. Sal Meldev

    First of all…you are incredible. I can’t imagine a more beautiful, sexier and more desireable woman! I am completely enamored with you. Also….please do some fun smoking fetish scenes! I love you, i love smoking and would love to see more of this!! best of luck with all of your endevours.


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