Aug 05

TS Bailey Jay And Some Soft White Sheets!

Bailey Jay - White Sheets! Bailey Jay - White Sheets!

Show of hands for all the Bailey Jay Fans out there who would just love to come home from work every day to find THIS waiting for you? If your hand is not ‘waving in the air, like you just don’t care’ right now, I think you’re at the wrong Fan Blog!

Bailey Jay relaxing on these soft white sheets and just waiting for someone to come play with her has got to be the fantasy of many an man out there. I know you’ve probably been told once or twice in your lifetime not to jump on the bed, but how in the world could you resist throwing yourself on top of the beautiful Bailey Jay as she lays there, legs open wide… inviting you in…

Bailey Jay - White Sheets! Bailey Jay - White Sheets!


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  1. keith flack

    bialey jay is the hotest girl in the world. you take the cake. bailey, if your ever in new york i’d ove to take you out to dinner, you can reach me at lctf1234@yahoo.com. peace

  2. Kevin Wheeler

    Bailey should do a photoshoot/film clip with a fan. I want to volunteer. I am 47 and would love to do a movie with her. I’ll do anything she wants to do.

  3. Madpicluvr

    Ditto. Bailey has such a gorgeous body!
    Every shoot, I want it more.

  4. admin

    I know the feeling!

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