Feb 01

Two Possible Nights With Bailey Jay… Hell Yeah!

Rumors have been circulating about who is going to be attending this Thursday’s T-Party at Blue Moon Nights, and this is one that you’ll definitely want to make! I’m pretty sure that it will be a packed house this Thursday with the 2010 Tranny Awards just around the corner and a who list of Shemale Pornstars already confirming their attendance!

Bailey Jay is on the shortlist of girls who have said they will be attending the Tranny Awards event and I, for one, am definitely looking forward to seeing that gorgeous body of hers on the dance floor. Hopefully we’ll be able to see her step on stage for an award or two too, so come on by and check her out in person! And while you’re in the area, swing on by for this Thursday’s T-Party too… think of it as a pre-Tranny Awards, pre-Super Bowl party!


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  1. Galph

    You are so cute.

  2. Dee Crew

    I would love to be there!
    I love everything about Bailey Jay, she is my ultimate fantasy!


  3. loveloves35

    yo!!!…Bailey Jay i love you….hello Miss je t’aime…..I send you lots of sweet kiss. Partout partout. I love everything about you, especially your facial expressions.By By loveloves35 from France. Scmack!!!!

  4. isaac

    uhhm..i really like ur smile,it gives me the gooseybumps XD..and i wuldnt mine gettin 2 meat u 1day..ahah HMU wen in cali wer its always sunny.lols later.and i think im ur youngest fan.@ 18.???? and ur eyes are TANTALIZING.. ILUV THEM!!!!!

  5. chris

    Wish I culd meet you…….. I wish I could actually talk. Or email you but that’s prob someone else that answers all of those! Damn I guess I can only dream of meeting you one day cutie!

  6. Aussie Fan.

    Would be so keen to go. If only I wasn’t in Australia.

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