Jul 07

LA’s Only Topless Transsexual Strip Night!

The Topless Transsexual Strip Night at Vintage Industrial Strip Club has become so popular that they’ve now added another night just for all you guys who can’t make it on Sundays. Now you can check out girls like Domino Presley, Britney Markham, and Michelle Austin on Friday nights too! Also, I think Buddy Wood still has a hand in helping make these nights happen.

As far as I know, this is a pretty unique thing… In fact I can’t think of one other place that has Transsexual Strippers performing on stage… in Los Angeles or anywhere for that matter! I haven’t made it to one of these nights yet, but I am hoping to very soon! I can’t wait to see these girls shaking their booties on stage… Bring lots of singles with you for the ladies… I’m sure they’ll be earning them!

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