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Jul 08

The Possible Beginnings Of LineTrap?

I’ve posed the question before about where Bailey Jay got the name ‘LineTrap’ from and I had a few answers in the comment section but nothing really concrete. Then I was surfing good ol’ YouTube the other day and stumbled across this video of what just may be the actual origins of the ‘LineTrap’ moniker… you decide.

I wonder if this guy knew that he was naming one of the future’s great Shemale Pornstars… Well, that is until she took the name, ‘Bailey Jay’ anyways… Anyway, interesting little video clip and fun to see Bailey Jay when she was just a wee youngin’ going to cosplay events…


May 25

Come See The City With Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Here’s another Bailey Jay video clip for you all to check out… Come and experience the sights and sounds of NYC with Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! I would guess that in about a month or so, Bailey Jay would not be able to walk down the street like this in NYC without at least someone coming up and recognizing her…

This is a pretty damn good clip if you ask me and Bailey Jay looks adorable with her braces. It does make you wonder just how many people that she passed on the street even had a guess that walking past them was one of the soon-to-be biggest Shemale Pornstars to hit the industry… So, next time you pass someone with a camera following around a cute girl, run up to her and ask, ‘Are you a Shemale Pornstar?’

May 13

Bailey Jay Humiliation Video On YouTube!

So, I was surfing through YouTube the other day and came across this Bailey Jay video entitled simply, ‘Bailey Jay Humiliation Video’. I was cracking up throughout the whole video but I’m sure the guy for whom it was intended loved it. It’s fascinating to see such a beautiful face say such mean spirited things… even it it’s all in good fun. Poor guy… sounds like he had it coming though.

Anyway, just thought some of you Bailey Jay Fans out there would get a kick out of this video clip as well… Remind me never to get on Bailey Jay’s bad side…

Feb 05

Go Behind The Scenes With Bailey Jay For Her Shoot On Shemale Pornstar!

Ever wonder what it’s like shooting for a site like Shemale Pornstar? Want to know more about Bailey Jay? Come check out this very cool clip from YouTube and go behind the scenes… and make sure you check out the uncensored clip on!