Feb 24

Is Transsexual Performer Bailey Jay Destroying Your Heterosexuality?

Bailey Jay / Line Trap Poster

So, this poster was obviously created back when Bailey Jay was known as ‘Line Trap,’ and I thought it was pretty clever. I don’t know who created it but I’ve seen some more of these poster across the Internet based on those somewhat cheesy inspirational posters that you see in corporate offices.

I’m guessing that the creator of this poster was feeling a little bit conflicted in his (or her) feelings towards Line Trap and I can’t say that I blame him. Back then, before she actually started doing porn, I bet there were plenty of guys who stumbled across a picture of Bailey Jay, fell in lust, and then were surprised to find out that she was Transsexual… ‘Shock me, shock me, shock me, with that deviant behavior!’ (Empire Records reference there).

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  1. aah

    oh my love

    Bailey Jay

    i want to enjoy to your group how????

  2. andre

    ¡ Mamacita rica !

  3. GreatBeast

    Since her LineTrap days I’ve been in love.
    Let’s just say that if she asked me to marry her, I’ll do it in a heart beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jonisjackingoff

    She destroyed my heterosexuality!

  5. widow74

    Bailey Jay is the hottest babe on the planet, she’s simply stunning.

  6. robert

    goddamn, this girl is hot! i mean, i’m not gay, but i’d get down with her!

  7. skraps

    Hetero!?…She’s made me question my standings as a lesbian!…oh, Bailey Jay, I’ve never wanted to suck a dick before I saw yours.

  8. mohan

    i guess you didn´t get what this pic says
    there is nothing negative in it

  9. Juan

    Wow girl you are hot.

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