Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay And Her Quirky Outfit!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Well, if there was ever any doubt that Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay loves wearing quirky outfits, I think this new set of hers can put that to rest. I’m not quite sure what to say about this rather eclectic outfit that TS Bailey Jay has on here, from the big, black bow to the striped tights… I just don’t know.

Clearly though, Shemale Bailey Jay still has an awesome body underneath that clothing of hers that she just loves to show off. That is a very good thing because, quirky outfits or not, we all love seeing Bailey Jay stroking that beautiful Shemale cock of hers and seeing those luscious tits on display!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!


Sexy Nerd Pictures With Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Bailey Jay - Nerdy Pictures in Glasses! Bailey Jay - Nerdy Pictures in Glasses!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay has some roots in the somewhat nerdy world of comics and all stuff related… at least I’m pretty sure she used to be into that sort of stuff. Anyway, I don’t think a true nerd really ever leaves that life behind them, and clearly, TS Bailey Jay still has some remnants of nerdiness left in her.

There used to be this porn series I think, where the whole thing was guys shooting their loads on girls with glasses. I don’t know about you, but I’d just love to see TS Bailey Jay get her face blasted with a big load of cum while wearing these thick rimmed glasses, wouldn’t you? I’m sure that this is one Shemale Pornstar who can take a load like a total pro!

Bailey Jay - Nerdy Pictures in Glasses! Bailey Jay - Nerdy Pictures in Glasses!


Come Get Yourself Some Beautiful Bailey Jay Boobs!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Isn’t this a great picture of Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay? Don’t you just love the thought of her crouching in front of you, grasping her hard Shemale cock, and licking her lips in anticipation? Want to play with those big, beautiful boobs that Bailey Jay has? She is waiting for you right now so go get some!


Yellow Dress And Spectacles With Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

The beautiful Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay is looking quite fetching in this orange-yellow dress and her round spectacles. Of course, even that pretty picture doesn’t really compare with seeing the lovely TS Bailey Jay stripped down and showing off that gorgeous body of hers.

Does Bailey Jay have one of the most recognizable bodies in Shemale porn? I think so. I mean, you could probably show me just about a foot of her body and I think I would be able to pick her out of a lineup of similar pictures. I don’t know if that makes me ultra creepy or just says that Bailey Jay has some of the smoothest skin and most recognizable bodies in Shemale porn!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!


Yellow Dress Stripping With Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay is looking absolutely gorgeous in these pictures from a recent set. I love the yellow dress, which is not an easy color to wear, as anyone out there who models, knows. As with all her outfits though, TS Bailey Jay makes looking great in it look pretty damn easy.

I’m probably not alone in noticing either that TS Bailey Jay seems to be a little bit thinner in these pictures than some of her previous ones. Don’t get me wrong, I think Bailey Jay looks, and has always looked great, but this new, slim look is pretty hot and definitely noticeable. Same great smile, brand new body… LOVE IT!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!


Oh Shit It’s Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay In Her Panties!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay in panties! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay in panties!

Doesn’t it kind of look like Bailey Jay has been caught in a candid moment and is saying, “Oh shit!” in this first picture? Maybe she wasn’t quite expecting the photographer to capture her in her bra and panties here, although I’m quite glad he did!

TS Bailey Jay does this fun shoot in her aqua colored lingerie, stripped out of her lacy panties until she is naked as the day she is born. One thing she probably didn’t have though when she was born is that big, hard Shemale cock that Shemale Bailey Jay has become quite famous for… that probably came just a little bit later!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay in panties! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay in panties!


Beautiful Bulge With Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Sheamle Pornstar Bailey Jay - Striped Panties! Sheamle Pornstar Bailey Jay - Striped Panties!

The great thing about striped panties on a Shemale Pornstar like Bailey Jay is that it really defines the sexy bulge in them. You can see how the stripes in Bailey Jay’s striped panties deform as her Shemale cock pushes up against the thin fabric, giving you just a little tease of what could be lying underneath!

Of course, we all know what does lay in Bailey Jay’s striped panties, a great big Shemale cock! Sometimes it is a wonder that TS Bailey Jay is able to keep that cock of hers all coiled up inside her panties. It must feel great for her when she is able to let it out and get nice and hard!

Sheamle Pornstar Bailey Jay - Striped Panties! Sheamle Pornstar Bailey Jay - Striped Panties!


Sipping Brandy With Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!

Been a hard day at work? Got a lot on your mind and could use a little diversion? How about taking a sip of brandy with Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay? Just sit back, relax, and watch this sexy Shemale Pornstar entertain you with her charm and sex appeal. You deserve a little distraction from the routine downers of life, and I think TS Bailey Jay has just the cure for your mid-afternoon blues!

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay! Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay!


Aug 18

Grooby Productions Launches The New Black Shemale Hardcore!

The new site from Shemale porn giant, Grooby Productions has launched! From the Head Honcho:

Black-Tgirls has been running since 1999 and is easily, the leading venue for Black Transsexual porn, featuring 100’s of models. Last year, due to the feedback we’d received from members we increased the hardcore scenes from 1 scene every two weeks, to weekly sets and still people want either more hardcore, or complain that Black-Tgirls has too many solo sets (which is what it’s famous for and what most of the members enjoy).

Ten years ago it was difficult to find Black American Transgender models willing to work for us. Now we get too many – we have to turn away many models or put them on hold, until we have a gap in the schedule. I believe this is partially because the internet and our sites have made it more acceptable for Tgirl models to work on these sorts of sites, as well as having a new crop of photographers who are more involved in the Transgender communities. More and more of these models are wanting to do hardcore work with us.

Shooting hardcore scenes weekly gets very expensive and the budget of Black-Tgirls just wasn’t created with that in mind. Black Shemale Hardcore is a unique compromise for those wanting to see Black Shemale Pornstars in hardcore action, and is a new concept for us. Members of Black-Tgirls can get “extra” hardcore scenes on top of their site memberships and for those who ONLY want Black Shemale hardcore videos, we have the new exclusive scenes, shot only for this site PLUS all the Black hardcore scenes (that were shot in HD) from Black-Tgirls, Shemale Pornstar and TranSex Domination AND ON TOP OF THAT, they also get the “Grooby For Free”, bonus sets, representing even better value for money.

I believe the exclusive content which we’re shooting for this site, represents some of the best Transsexual hardcore porn around – and we’ve a great line-up already in the can for future updates. Members of Black-Tgirls can get access to this site for a VERY DEEP discount – or for those who just want Hardcore Black Shemales,


Aug 11

Summer Sizzles With The Girls On The SMC Network!

I thought we’d take today to check out a few pictures from some of the other girls on the SMC Network that you don’t hear a lot about. Sarina Valentina is making an awesome appearance on Tgirl Pinups this week, which features those retro sets that are so hot! And speaking of hot, Victoria Di Prada is out in the Summer sunshine and it looks like she is waiting curbside for some big, hard cock to come satisfy her!

Mandy Mitchell has more than enough hands on deck to satisfy her with Kimberly Kills and another friend, and you can bet that this is going to be one wild scene! And of course, you can’t forget the always beautiful Danielle Foxxx who just loves to show off her pussy! Summer may be hot but but the real sizzling action is with the SMC Network girls so come check them out today!

Aug 09

Come Have Some Morning Joe With TS Bailey Jay!

Bailey Jay - Coffee Pics! Bailey Jay - Coffee Pics!

Now I know that more than a couple of you have probably had this little fantasy run circles in your head… Just imagine waking up to the rich smell of coffee wafting through your house, walking to the kitchen, and seeing TS Bailey Jay smiling up at you over a steaming hot cup of coffee! That is a great way to start your morning right?

That being said, I think that Bailey Jay probably wouldn’t have coffee on her mind for very long when she catches sight of your pajama bottoms standing straight at attention! Seems like Bailey Jay is bringing her own stir stick to this coffee party and you can bet that she knows how to use it too!

Bailey Jay - Coffee Pics! Bailey Jay - Coffee Pics!


Aug 04

Shemale Yum Booth at Adultcon Makes History!

A few posts ago we helped make the announcement that Shemale Yum was hosting a booth at Adultcon. Well, the event has come and gone but it sounds like the booth was a tremendous success and we’d like to congratulate all the lovely ladies who showed up to help promote the genre! And of course, we’d also like to thank all the Fans who showed up to encourage the girls! From the Blog post:

Grooby Productions made history with their Shemale Yum booth at Adultcon in Los Angeles last weekend. This was the first time t-girls have exhibited at the tradeshow and it was a huge success. Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Amy Daly, Khloe Hart, Michelle Austin, Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels, Britney Markham and Angelina Torres worked the booth and charmed the crowd by go-go dancing and talking to all the attendees who visited their booth. The crowds couldn’t get enough of Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley—the girls were literally mobbed at and away from the booth. Additionally, they educated the public on the shemale community, which led to curiosity and tons of photos and DVDs sold.

“I know the event was a definitely success,” says Owner, Steven Grooby. “The girls educated the public about shemales and potentially our sites will reach a whole new audience. We handed out company postcards and virtually none were left. Plus, the girls were photographed with a vast array of fans, including couples and women. Be on the lookout for Grooby Productions to be attending more tradeshows in the future.”


Aug 02

Shemale Pornstars Galore With This Special Tranny Box Deal!

A while ago we let you all in on a sexy little secret called, Shemale Deals, which has awesome deals on some of the best Shemale and Transsexual sites in the world! This week you can get a 50% discount at Tranny Box, where you can find plenty of Shemale Pornstars, including many of Bailey Jay’s label-mates, to check out!

Tranny Box is a really great site that features all the Shemale Pornstars that you love to love as well as great Ladyboy and Brazilian girls too! This special deal will only last for a little while so hurry up and get in while you can! Use the special link below or head on over to Shemale Deals to take advantage of this too-good-to-pass-up deal!


Jul 26

The Ladies of Shemale Yum Do Adultcon!

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Grooby Productions
The Ladies of Shemale Yum Do Adultcon

(Chatsworth, CA) Grooby Productions will have a booth at Adultcon this coming weekend, Friday July 29th through Sunday July 31st. This is the first time that Adultcon has had t-girls as exhibitors. The booth will feature some of the hottest girls from Grooby’s Shemale Yum site, including Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Amy Daly, Khloe Hart, Celeste, Michelle Austin, Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels and Estelle L’Amore. Famed Director Buddy Wood will also be in attendance. The girls will be selling DVDs, autographed photos and more.

“Trade shows like Adultcon are very important, because they directly reach the consumer and that ultimately impacts business with new visitors and potentially members for our sites”, says Owner, Steven Grooby. “Most of the attendees are the real fans of porn. Of course, the girls’ fans will come and I’m sure they will make new ones, too.”

For pre-sale tickets, show hours and other information about Adultcon, go to their site, Media inquiries about Grooby’s sites and talent should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

Grooby Productions is the largest transgender website company in the world, and operates over 15 pay sites, as well as social networks such as TGFlix and HungDevils—there’s something for everyone with sites such as Shemale Yum (the longest and most popular TS erotica site featuring 1000s of unique models) and Black T-Girls, niche sites like Shemale Japan (the only website featuring uncensored Japanese transsexuals), as well as solo model sites for superstar models, Domino Presley, Amy Daly and Hazel Tucker. In 2009, Grooby introduced The Tranny Awards to celebrate the best models, photographers and websites with trophies and cash prizes—the awards take place each February. Grooby is synonymous with not only with transgender erotica, but original, high quality content from our exclusive producers, Buddy Wood, PK Vegas, Tony Vee, Luiz Damazo and more, produced exclusively worldwide, allowing Grooby to update their sites with dozens of new models every week, as well as our exemplary customer service. In 2011, Grooby is rolling out of a number of pay sites, DVDs and new social media, including the Grooby Network that allows models to produce their own pay sites.

Jul 21

Princess Bailey Jay Shows Off Her Royal Sceptre!

Bailey Jay - Princess Shoot!

Some Princesses out there have people like Fairy Godmothers and Princes in shining armor who go around showing off their magic wands and big swords on their behalves. TS Bailey Jay likes to show off her own royal sceptre though, and there’s no better place to get a good look at it than her Official Site.

Bailey Jay only pulls out her Shemale cock on special occasions though, which, guessing by the tiara on top of her head, this must be. With a quick lift of the dress and a push of the panties, Bailey Jay’s sceptre is on full display for the camera and as good as any magic wand, it will put a spell on you!

Bailey Jay - Princess Shoot! Bailey Jay - Princess Shoot!


Jul 19

Black Shemale Candy Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

We’re taking another little break from Bailey Jay today because I’d like to share with you about this new DVD release that I’m pretty psyched about. Don’t worry, I promise we’ll be back with more Bailey Jay in just a short couple of days!

If you love watching Black Shemales in hardcore action, then I’ve got some very good news for you today! Black Shemale Candy, presented by Shemale Yum, and Third World Media is now available for you to pre-order, with a release date of July 25, 2011.

Featuring the beautiful Black Shemale Kayla Biggs on the cover, you get a small BIG picture of just what is waiting for you inside this video. Black Shemale Candy also features the lovely Paris Pirelli, Candi Love, Shakira, and Vanilla… all doing what they do best… FUCKING! You’ll love watching these girls get hardcore as their big, Black Shemale cocks flop around… Reserve your copy today so you can be one of the very first to see this new release for yourself!


Jul 14

Amy Daly And Brittany St. Jordan Celebrate Summer!

I thought we’d take a short break from Bailey Jay today to check out some sexy pictures from this sizzling scene to help kick off the Summer courtesy of Amy Daly and Brittany St. Jordan. It looks like Brittany St. Jordan paid Amy Daly a little visit recently, and the two took some time to cool off in the pool…

Of course, when you take a hot Summer day, a small pool, and two horny Shemale Pornstars like Amy Daly and Brittany St. Jordan, sparks are bound to fly. Things start getting wild in the pool but you’ve got to see these two take things into the bedroom before the real fireworks begin. This is one great scene that Amy and Brittany put together, and one awesome way to kick off the Summer!


Jul 12

Shemale Pornstar Bailey Jay Sucking Cock!

Geez… you’d think that a Shemale Pornstar like Bailey Jay could get a little privacy every once in a while… especially when it is time for her to take a little tinkle! Seems that even in the loo though, she gets interrupted by a hard cock that needs the immediate attentions of her warm, wet mouth…

Luckily for this guy, TS Bailey Jay is always willing to put aside her personal comfort for the chance to suck on a cock and have her pretty mouth filled up with cum! And, lucky for you, there are cameras around to capture the action so you can enjoy Bailey Jay’s oral skills too!


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